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WOMAD is a women to women project Started 2017 in Nuweiba. The Bedouin women are able to make a perfect handmade beaded work. Some of them work at home and cannot go to sell their accessories on the beaches when is a touristic season. This project is to guarantee them an income and let them feel happy to contribute to the family budget. They are doing new designs choosing nice colors and good beads quality. Thank you for your support buying a product made with dedication and love, we wish to grow and do more stuff included also clothes. Om Goma, Om Sara, Om Mohamed, Om Mahmoud, Om Ibrahim, Om Talal, Om Ammar, Om Ismail, Om Salim 
Pls Like and share our page in FB - Womad Sinai. 

There products can be bought directly at different locations:
- Habiba Beach Lodge
- WOMAD Facebook Page
- Andalusia Gallery Facebook Page
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