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Sinai Palm Date Foundation

Established and operated by Habiba, the Sinai Palm Date Foundation is bringing new means of sustainable income to the local community. With a pilot project  already underway, the future focus of expanding palm date agriculture in the city of Nuweiba promises to be an exciting development in the years to come. By encouraging the local population to invest in Medjool date palm trees, Habiba will organize and coordinate the planting and care of an organic, fruit-producing tree that can provide a steady stream of income for the Habiba Learning Center years into the future.
Habiba Learning Center provides after-school education programs for local children. The main aim is to develop and prepare the young bedouin generation for life's challenges that lie ahead, by working on skills and knowledge, along with raising agriculture and nutritional awareness .

Through the project’s unique focus, the Sinai Palm Foundation is connecting a wide range of people from varying cultures in the pursuit of organic, sustainable agriculture, as well as promoting education for the Nuweiba community. Our partners from around the world have the opportunity to sponsor a palm tree, helping the local community while encouraging cultural enrichment and the collaboration of ideas in the process.

With date palm trees growing successfully now at Habiba Organic Farm, we are looking for partners genuinely excited by the potential of the project. If you feel as though you have anything encouraging to offer, whether it be advice, help or even an idea that can further our cause, please do not hesitate to contact us. The Habiba Community as well as the Sinai Palm Foundation welcomes all who share in our passion and belief in the project and its goal to invest in each other, and the community, for a better tomorrow.
Wanna help? Feel generous? You can help us in our mission by donating below
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