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Voluntourism Programs
We are often asked why volunteers need to pay to join a volunteer program. True, it does seem odd at first, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense:

Our social projects hardly earn enough money to cover their costs. This is also the main reason why we need your help. we cannot afford to bear all the costs by ourselves. This is why we depend on the volunteer's fees. 

Fees for the volunteers arise because a volunteer program causes expenses for the social project that runs the program.

There are basically two main types of expenses:

1. Fees associated with a volunteer program

The social project is coordinating, organizing and processing your stay. Therefore they need to have a proper administration office. Furthermore, they help and guide you once you are on site. In exchange, many of the projects provide accommodation, food, and drink. All these expenses need to be covered.

2. General Expenses

These expenses emerge in order to run the social project and can include office-items, salaries of local staff, insurances, trainings, telecommunication, office rent, transportation etc. 

All these fees can be associated directly with the social project. The fees help the social project to operate and to improve the community.

Social projects need help with IT, Business Administration and Fund Raising, as well. Overall, your time and your financial contribution is the key to make our social impact work!


Thank you for your application. We will contact you soon!

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