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About Us

Maged El Said - Founder of Habiba Community
I am originally from Cairo, but I have been in the South Sinai region since 1989, first establishing Habiba Village in 1994 and establishing Habiba Organic Farm in 2007. After years of working in the tourism business in  locations such as Sharm el Sheikh and Dahab, I have found a level of peace and tranquility in the small port city of Nuweiba, thus freeing and inspiring myself to pursue my true passions.
My inspiration is simple: to give back to the community that has given me so much. The love, hope, and light I often speak about is a reflection of what I have received from the people here in my many years in Nuweiba. The word Habiba, which I Have named my projects, means "love" - an acknowledgement of the way i choose to live my life.
I am not an agriculturalist by trade or profession, but i give everything i have to my projects. I am not concerned with fame, fortune or admiration. I view it as a way to give back to the community.
It is all about the community. It is about what we can achieve& learn together. With an open mind, and with an open heart, we can begin to change this earth bygiving back to our neighbors and our environment.

It is  my ultimate vision to establish a fully sustainable, organic farming community in Nuweiba. Come join us on that mission and make the dream of greening the desert a reality.

History of Habiba Community

Habiba Beach Lodge founded
Habiba Organic Farm founded
Implementing WWOOF Model
World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms
Organic Farm Certification
Community Knowledge Sharing
Beginning of Seminars & Workshops
Partnership with Desert Research Center 
Habiba Learning Center founded
Cooperation and Provision of Assistance to Local Organic Start-up Farms
Creation of a Research Hub in Partnership with International Research Centers
Replication of the Habiba Community Model in other Egyptian Resorts
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